Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last night at the Palace

Last night I return to the porker wars at the Nashville Palace.And for only the 3Th time I when back to back for the night!And along with the wins I got the 1000 points for the night .And once again the great coaching I have had over the last year or so really came it to play.In both games I just stayed back and let the short stack take each other out.And then it was heads up and that were I excel in my play.So now I have wins #41 and 42 in the American Rounders poker league.Again I say Thank you Trisha.

Las Vegas

I have return from my trip to Las Vegas and the WSOP.So over the next week I will be telling of my trip.So stay tune!

Friday, June 19, 2009

RIP Allen Hopper

Im sorry to say on Sunday Night one of my best friends Allen Hopper lost is life.Allen and I had work many Monday nights with Room at the Inn.And he was in my Sunday School Class at Grace Baptist Church.Allen han been ill for many years and I know that he is home with his Lord.But it still hard to see him go.Allen we love you and miss but hope to see you again some day!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Congrats go out to one of the best poker player in American Rounder.Last night Trisha Webb got her 34Th win at the Nashville Palace.Trisha as been playing great the last few weeks but she keeps getting suck out on by these donkeys.So it was great to see get a win.But now that put her with in 6 wins of me.And that too close.(ha ha)So again I say congrats to Trisha we are proud of you!

Win 39 and 40.

To show how lazy I been i am finally getting around to tell you about my last 2 wins.Back on May 16Th I was playing at Cargnackers in Hermitage Tn.In the 1Th game i was having a up and down game but I stay in there and then I was heads up with a drunk donkey.(The story of my poker life ha ha)But i play my game and I slow played him and took him out for my 39Th win.Then on May 18Th i was at the Nashville Palace.And in the 1Th game I was having good time.I play one of my best games ever.And when we got to heads up I had a 4 to 1 chip lead on him and when on to get win # 40 with American Rounders.And I hope soon to be able to tell you about win #41.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Forgive me

I know that I have post anything for a long time and for that I have to say forgive me.I not real good at this writing thing.But there is some thing that i forgot to say in my post on the 10Th.In the home game that I talk about in that post I forgot to tell you that Randell Harrod not only did he take me out he WON the game!!!Are you happy now Randell. ha ha