Sunday, March 21, 2010


As the new year started . I begin my 2Th round of weight loss. Back in October I used the same weight lost protocol that Trisha had used in 07 to lose 65 pounds. And I able to loose lost 24 pounds. So this time Trisha set a goal of 20 pounds for me. And after 47 days once again I was able to reach my goal. This time it was lot harder to loose the weight. I stayed at 255 for over a week. But Trisha would not let me give up. And with time the last 5 pounds did come off. So now I'm at 250 pounds and you can not believe how good I feel. I saw my doctor in March. And I have been on blood pressure medicine for 5 years. And when they took my blood pressure this time it was too LOW. ( What a blessing) So now I'm able to work out and walk with out the pain that I have had in the past. So now as I close I must say Thank You to again to Trisha. Trisha even my doctor tells me how lucky I am to have you as a friend. And I am truly blessed that you are in my life.