Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The poker wars.

I haven't talk much about poker over the last few months. I have been playing off and on the last few years. And I'm happy to say that I'm up to 55 wins. The last one to come on May 28th 2012 at Dave's and Busters.  I found out that I was very rusty when I was in Vegas back in December. So I was thinking before I go back I better get my skills back. Lets hope that I will do better this trip. ;-p

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trisha's # 14.

I would like to say Congrats to my best friend Trisha  Pena on finishing her fourteenth half marathon in 9 years. This was her first half marathon since October 2011. She would be doing this race with out even having trained for it. But I have to say, she had bad timing. For it rained the whole day. Ending with 2 inches in 24 hours. Because of the rain Trisha had wear a rain poncho and carry
an UMBRELLA the whole race. The rain  added 30 mins to her time. Despite that I think she did a GREAT job. Ones again Congrats Trisha I'm so proud of you.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2012 Las Vegas Half Marathon

Back in December I made my way back to Las Vegas to compete in the Rock and Roll Las Vegas half marathon. This would be my 5Th half marathon in three years. My first after having knee surgery. Unfortunately Trisha was not able to come out for the race. The good news was she got a new job. (Thank You God.)
The race was at night for the second year in a row. And this year the course when by the famous sign. Which made me very happy. The weather was much warmer then last year. It was a great night for the race. I was afraid that I would be much slower because of my knee, and it showed. My time was 4:16:32. One of my slower times for a half.
As far as the rest of the trip it was fun. I didn't have much luck at the poker tables, but I got to try some restaurants that I never been before. One was In-n-Out burger. it was one of the best burgers I have ever had. You can go to my podcast to hear a review of that visited. I also got to go to Tony Roams Rib's in downtown Vegas. It was the first time I been there in 20 years. Was it ever good. I will do a review of it one of these days. That a recap of my trip to Las Vegas. Till next time. Good day and God Bless.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I would like invite everyone to  to my podcast, . There you will find my reviews of wine, food and the theater. Take a look and listen, and leave comments. Thank you.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

May 17Th.

As the pages of the calendar turns. We find it's  May 17Th. For most of us it just another day. But for me this is the day. You see on this day in 2005 I had a stroke. And everything I had work for the last 46 years was gone. After many weeks of rehab and hard work. I was able to learn how to talk and walk again. For that I give thanks to God. Now these day I live with issues and pain. That some one who never had stroke will ever understand. And I will live with  these forever.
With all the heart break I have had. They has been some blessing along the way. They are what I try to focus on. I will not bore you with all of them.
There is one that I will tell you about. That is my best friend. Her friendship has been such a blessing.
It hard for me to believe that it took me 47 year to meet this lady. With her help I have reach so many goals. I have now finish Five half marathon. With out her help that never would happen. It so good to have some one that believes in you so much.
So as I look back. Sometimes I just wait to cry. But I will try to smile. And try to keep moving forward.