Monday, November 19, 2012

Winner 2012

As 2012 began I starting making plans to play in the WSOP senior's event. With that I knew that I need it to brush on my skills. I had not played in months but I was lucky for fact that one of the best games was back on. After the floods of 2010 we lost our Monday night game. Then in November 2011 Dave and Busters reopen. So I starting playing again.

It take me long to get back into the groove. And it didn't take long for the other player to start hating me. Many of the player don't like my style of play. They try to bully the table, and I just out play them. They don't understand odd and out that make up the game. During one game a player called me out when I called his all in after the flop. He pared his weak Ace and I had a straight flush draw. When I hit the flush on THE TURN of course I'm sucked out on him. I will stop bitching now for give me.

As I said I played very well. I had 2 wins in two weeks. In one of themwhem we when heads up he had  a 4 to 1 chip lead on me. So what I did was when he limp in I when All In on him and he folded every time. So when we got even in chips I play my normal game and took it down.

I also had many finale tables. Where I would come in 2Th or 3Th place. One game I when to the finale table of 10 with only 2 big blinds. And I came in third place that night. With all that time off I had not forgot how to play poker. As I always said I Have Had A Great Coach.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Hello and welcome back. Yes I'm still alive. I know that I have not made a post in forever. For that I'm sorry but 2011 wasn't the best year for me. As you may know I lost my mother last year. I also found myself going through some troubling times in my personal life. Of these troubles I never told anybody. This post I hope to get you up to dated with some of the highlight of the year 2011.

In April I would compete in my 2Th half marathon. The race was the Rock and Roll Country Music Marathon here in Nashville. This is know as one the toughs races in this country. After having cramps at mile 7 my pace slow down. But I would not give up and I'm happy to say that I finish with a time of 4:13:07.

Later that fall it was time for me to put my pink shoes and compete again. In October Trisha and I would drive up to Mo. for the Inaugural Rock and Roll St. Louis half marathon. As a driver I have done this trip a million times. With a good co-pilot and good conversation we found our self at our downtown St. Louis motel. The morning of the race Trisha and I walk to the starting line. Yes we where that close. (Only a mile) The weather was perfect about 50 degrees and partly sunny. And the course was one of the best I have scene. I really enjoyed that walk around St. Louis. I turn in a time of 3:51:35. That is about 15 minutes off my best time. The big news coming from that race was that Trisha set a Personal Best Time cutting over a minute off her time.

Then in December it was time for the Rock and Roll Las Vegas half marathon. This would make my 4Th race in 12 months. Plus the race would be ran at night. It was the first time for this race to take place at night. The weather that night was cool and windy. As the race when on we had a lite rain. And again I had cramps so my time was not I had hope for. I turn in a 4:06:40 not bad for 45 degrees and rain.

Well that the good things that happen in the year 2011.In my next post I will try to get you up dated for this year. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17Th.

Once again it May 17Th. For most of us it just another day. But for me this the day. You see on this day in 2005 I had a stroke. And everything I had work for the last 46 years was gone. After many weeks of rehab and hard work. I was able to learn how to talk and walk again. For that I give thanks to God. Now these day I live with issues and pain. That some one who never had stroke will ever understand. And I will live these for ever.
With all the heart break I have had. They has been some blessing along the way. I was able to do some wonderful mission work with my church. I started playing poker was part of my rehab. Now I have over 50 wins in the league's around Nashville. Believe it or not. I was the champion of season 2 of the Twitter Poker Tour. Which was a on line poker tour. I met a lot of great people from the poker game. We have had some really good times. Then there Las Vegas. Oh Vegas what can I say. That trip I have made 4 times. To think all those years I when to Fla. Not knowing what was waiting for me in Las Vegas.
Last but not least. There my best friend and her doggies. It hard for me to believe that it took me 47 year to meet this lady. With her help I have reach so many goals. I have now finish 4 half marathon. With out her help that never would happen. It so good to have some one that believes in you so much.
So as I look back. Sometimes I just wait to cry. But I will try to smile.