Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy anniversary to me.

Happy anniversary to me. Nine years ago today at the age of 46  I had a debilitating stoke. With that I lost the use of my right side. On that day I started what I call " The long journey home".                                       Suddenly everything that I had work for was gone. I lost my house, my marriage. So I begin the work for my recovery. After weeks of physical therapy, I was able to learn how to walk and talk again. That was the first step of my journey.                                                                                                                                    As time passes each year I seam to make more of those steps. And this pass year was no exception. This pass year I was able to do two things on my bucket list.                                                                             In June I when to Las Vegas and played in the WSOP Seniors Championship. If you know me you know how much I love poker. I started playing poker on the  advice of my therapist. I was so bless that Trisha flew out to support me and my dream. The tournament drew over 4500 players. The 2Th biggest day one  field in WSOP. I last about 4 hours. For the most part I never won any big pots. But I was very happy with how I played. The other highlight of the trip was our nighttime visit to The Neon Museum. The museum is the home of many of the signs that once were a part of Las Vegas.                                                                     The other bucket list dream that I got to remove skydiving. I have alway want to go skydiving. But like so many other dreams, something always came up. On October 15Th I when down to Wavery Tn to Skydiving Tennessee. It was a beautiful day as we when up to 14,000 ft for our jump . I have to say it was so much fun. And one day I will try it again.                                                                                                            As I start a new year I can look back with fond memories at the year that was. And look forward to what God has in store for me in the next year.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hash House A Go Go.

Tune in to my review of the Hash House A Go Go in the Quad Casino in Las Vegas NV.