Friday, August 28, 2009

Congrats to Trisha Pena

Congrats to Trisha Pena on her big win in last nights Twitter Poker Tour.Trisha has not played in a few weeks.And boy did she played great.After taking a bad beat and being down to 4500 in chips.She played her game and came back to win the tournament and the $75.00 first place prize.As far as me I never had more then 5500 in chips .But I did hold on to get 8Th place.Once again congrats to Trisha on one of her best game ever,

Face The Ace

As many of you know Full Till Poker as a new TV. show called Face The Ace. On this show a amateur poker player goes head to head with one of the Full Till pros. To Qualify Full Till is running 180 player satellites tournaments.Well on the 19Th I played in one of the tournament and late in the game I took the chip lead and I won the tournament.So I advance to round 2 on the 23Th.And in that tournament there was 4138 player and only the top 165 would advance to finale qualifier.Well I was playing great and I had 45,000 in chips and was in 10Th place.So I just held on and only played great hands and was in 80Th place when the tournament close.So now I will play again on Nov.9 were the top ten player will be on the show Face The Ace and will play for up too 1,000,000. So wish me luck.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Win # 45 so close yet so far. I guess I was not a good student.

On Saturday I came this close to getting win #45.But I run into the Black Widow and her bite took be down. It happen in the 1St game.The game for me was not going very well.In early parts I just could not win a hand.But i held on I made the finale table and the cards started turning for me.And before I knew it I was heads up with a 3 to 1 chip lead.But I was heads ups with my coach (The Black Widow) Trisha Pena.In 3 years Trisha and I have only gone heads up 2 times.And the score is 1 to 1.Well this one turn into a blood bath. After Trisha took the chip lead only once did I get close.She had a 10,000 chip lead on me when I had K J off suit in the big blind.The flop came 9 9 J.So I when all in and she called me and show J 9.She flop a full house!!!!!To give her win # 35 with American Rounders.Then is the 2Th game Trisha won AGAIN.Giving her win #36 and her 1St back to back in almost a year.So in closing I guess I was not a very good student.Because the teacher took the student to school AGAN.And congrats to Trisha on two big wins.

Win # 44

Back on August 14Th I got my 44 win with American Rounders at Legends in Hermitage Tn.I was card dead in the first part of the game.But after color up I started to win some hands and it was on from there.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Win 43

This pass weekend I got # 43 win with American Rounders. That was my first win in eight weeks.I hope that I will take the points lead with this win.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 5

Day 5 started at 6:30 again.And after my 7:00 meeting I was back on the road. Day 5 is always the busiest and longest day of a World Changer project.In the early part of the morning I was seeing to the last minutes need of the work crews. I send a lot of time Fridays running from one site to the other.As a crew runs out of material we will try to use the unused material from the other sites.After about 5 hours it was tine to head to lunch.Friday we had pizza and it was good. Then we got the word that the crews were getting done.For me that meant I was running the unused material back to Metro Roofing.Once all the roofing had been return then it time for the clean up.For a few of the sites there dumpers were full. So I had to go to 2 job sites to clean up.The 1St one was easy.But when I got to the 2Th site there was more trash then I could get in my truck.So i had to get the other runner to help me.We drove to the other site to unload our trucks as we were unloading Kevin and Le Ann to tell us that we were done.It was 6:00 and after 11 hours I was happy to here those words.This year we had 175 volunteers who came from NC. SC. MI. MS. IL. LA. GA. AR. and TN.These crews replace 12 roofs and rebuilt 1 porch.In closing I would like to thank all the volunteers and Kevin and Le Ann Hale and Park Ave Baptist Church our host church.And most of all I would like to say Thank You to God for letting me be a part of this week.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 4

Day 4 started at 5:30.I had stayed at home Wednesday night so I got up early to get to breakfast on time.And after my 7:00 meeting I was on the road again.This year we used Walker Lumber and Metro Roofing for our materials.But once again rain in the forecast so our crews stayed tough.So I was busy keeping the crews with the material they needed.Each day at noon I was to meet with Kevin and Le Ann and have lunch and give a round down of how things were going.So after lunch here came the rain and I was thinking things mite be slow BUT I WAS WRONG!I got a call about 1:30 from Le Ann asking me to head to one of the sites because the crew was DONE and there was roofing to be return.I could not believe that any of our crews could be done that soon with all the rain we were having.About the time I got to Metro roofing I got a call tell me that a 2Th crew was done and they had roofing to return.That was incredible.So i was running hard to 5:00 and put on 123 miles.But we got a lot of work done even with the rain.