Friday, February 27, 2009

You got to see this

You got to see this .It the story of my online life.

What a week

What a week on the tables.As you may know I play with the American Rounders poker league.Am. Rounders use a points system were player get points for there play.And after 8 to 12 weeks the top 20 from each venue will go to the showdown and play for a WSOP $500 buy in.And we have about 250 to 300 player.And only for the 2Th time Iam the points champion at one of the venue.I won the points at Good Times.(YES)And now I will have a extra $5000 in chips at the showdown.But the really big news is last nights Twitter Poker Tour.I have made the final table about 5 times and cash in 2 times ( a 2th and 3th). Last night we had 41 player.We start with $1500 in chips and for most of the night I had about 850 to 1500 in chips.But I just played my game and when we got to 16 player I had $2600 and I when up and down.And then we went to the final table and I had $5700 and was 5th in chips.But then I had pocket 8s and i raise to $3000 and the big blind when all in so I folded.( he showed pocket As)But I keep my head in the game.And then it was down to 3 players and I was 2th in chips and I got into a hand with the chip leader I has pocket 7s he had A K i flop trip 7 and got a full house on the turn.And from there I when on to WIN tournament and $80. Wow I have 36 win in Am. Rounders but this is my biggest win ever.Ps. Thanks coach I owe you a drink!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yes it time for event # 9 on the Twitter Poker Tour.Tonight game will be at as allways the buy in is $5.oo +.50 and open to anyone on Twitter.Hope to see you there.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Room at the Inn

In Monday and for me that means it time for Room at the Inn.Room at the Inn is a program that help the homeless get off the street.From Nov. to church Grace Baptist Church will host 12 men or woman each Monday night.We will give them a place to sleep for the night,we will feed them 2 meals let them clean up and give a lunch for the next day.This is my 5th year with the program.It a lot of work but is mean es so much to our guest.Go to to learn more.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yesterday at the tables.

Yesterday was a so so day the tables.I played in 4 tournaments.In the first 2 game I did not do all that good.I had too many bad beats.(story of my life)Later that night I when to Good Times to play the 2 game there.Good Time is a good place to eat if you are ever in Nashville. It was a much better night.I came in 5Th and 3Th.And I believe that I an now the points leader there.If so I a now the points leader at 3 venues.But the big news from last night was my friend and coach Trisha Webb got her 29th win in American Rounder.Trisha is a great poker player and coach.(She has help turn my game a round)You can go to to learn more.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good night at the table

Well it was a good night at the porker table.In the 1st game I came in 15Th.I never had any cards.But the 2Th was much better.Not only did i get good cards but they held up.I got pocket Q's and J's 3 time each and they won.So when we got to 8 player I had about $30,000 in chips.But I when card dead. At times like this I go back to what my poker coach told me.( Coach all ways said Play you game.I have a great coach)And I did and when we got 3 handed and I $10,000 chips.And I just sit out and let the 2 big chips stacks take one of of the other out.So when we when head up he had me 3 to 1 in chips.And before I knew it we were even in chips.In the last hand I had A 6 in the big blind he called and i check.The flop was A 3 3.I flop 2 pair and check and he when all in and I called.He had 5 4 and on the turn and river he got nothing.And I WON.That's my 36Th win with American Rounders.(And my 2Th this week) It was a good week and I hope i can do as well tomorrow.

Poker Time in TN.

It Poker Time in TN.On Friday American Rounders host a 2 game at Legends Bar and Grill in Hermitage Tn.We will have between 25 to 40 players each week.It is a good game.If you live in Nashville you should come and join us.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tonight in TPT

Tonight in the TPT.I came in 17th.We had 44 player in tonight game.And for most of the game I was card dead.But I played my game and stay in as long as i could.I wish I could of cash.But there is next week.


Whoo hoo it Thursday it time for the Twitter Poker Tour.The TPT is a weekly home game open to any one on Twitter.The TPT as a $5.00+.50 buy in.We have 25 to 40 player each week.To find out more go to Come and join the fun hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hello and welcome to my world.My name is Trey Still.I am49 years old and live in Hermitage Tn.Up to 2005 use to drive a truck for a living.But on May 17 2005 I had a stroke.And now i spend my time doing Mission work and playing porker.Each summer I do mission with World Changer.They repair people home for free.Also I work with the homeless in the winner.The other major part of my life is porker.In 2006 I starting playing Texas Hold em in the American Rounders porker league.To date I have 35 wins and 3 with wins in a other league.I stared to playing porker as way get to out of the house and help with the rehab with my right hand.And because of my love of poker I have made some great friends who have made my life so wonderful.(and you know who you are)I all so enjoy Nascar.I love to go to the beach and last year I got to go to the WSOP in Las Veges and had the time of my life.Thank You for taking the time to read this.God Bless you all.Trey