Friday, August 28, 2009

Congrats to Trisha Pena

Congrats to Trisha Pena on her big win in last nights Twitter Poker Tour.Trisha has not played in a few weeks.And boy did she played great.After taking a bad beat and being down to 4500 in chips.She played her game and came back to win the tournament and the $75.00 first place prize.As far as me I never had more then 5500 in chips .But I did hold on to get 8Th place.Once again congrats to Trisha on one of her best game ever,

Face The Ace

As many of you know Full Till Poker as a new TV. show called Face The Ace. On this show a amateur poker player goes head to head with one of the Full Till pros. To Qualify Full Till is running 180 player satellites tournaments.Well on the 19Th I played in one of the tournament and late in the game I took the chip lead and I won the tournament.So I advance to round 2 on the 23Th.And in that tournament there was 4138 player and only the top 165 would advance to finale qualifier.Well I was playing great and I had 45,000 in chips and was in 10Th place.So I just held on and only played great hands and was in 80Th place when the tournament close.So now I will play again on Nov.9 were the top ten player will be on the show Face The Ace and will play for up too 1,000,000. So wish me luck.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Win # 45 so close yet so far. I guess I was not a good student.

On Saturday I came this close to getting win #45.But I run into the Black Widow and her bite took be down. It happen in the 1St game.The game for me was not going very well.In early parts I just could not win a hand.But i held on I made the finale table and the cards started turning for me.And before I knew it I was heads up with a 3 to 1 chip lead.But I was heads ups with my coach (The Black Widow) Trisha Pena.In 3 years Trisha and I have only gone heads up 2 times.And the score is 1 to 1.Well this one turn into a blood bath. After Trisha took the chip lead only once did I get close.She had a 10,000 chip lead on me when I had K J off suit in the big blind.The flop came 9 9 J.So I when all in and she called me and show J 9.She flop a full house!!!!!To give her win # 35 with American Rounders.Then is the 2Th game Trisha won AGAIN.Giving her win #36 and her 1St back to back in almost a year.So in closing I guess I was not a very good student.Because the teacher took the student to school AGAN.And congrats to Trisha on two big wins.

Win # 44

Back on August 14Th I got my 44 win with American Rounders at Legends in Hermitage Tn.I was card dead in the first part of the game.But after color up I started to win some hands and it was on from there.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Win 43

This pass weekend I got # 43 win with American Rounders. That was my first win in eight weeks.I hope that I will take the points lead with this win.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 5

Day 5 started at 6:30 again.And after my 7:00 meeting I was back on the road. Day 5 is always the busiest and longest day of a World Changer project.In the early part of the morning I was seeing to the last minutes need of the work crews. I send a lot of time Fridays running from one site to the other.As a crew runs out of material we will try to use the unused material from the other sites.After about 5 hours it was tine to head to lunch.Friday we had pizza and it was good. Then we got the word that the crews were getting done.For me that meant I was running the unused material back to Metro Roofing.Once all the roofing had been return then it time for the clean up.For a few of the sites there dumpers were full. So I had to go to 2 job sites to clean up.The 1St one was easy.But when I got to the 2Th site there was more trash then I could get in my truck.So i had to get the other runner to help me.We drove to the other site to unload our trucks as we were unloading Kevin and Le Ann to tell us that we were done.It was 6:00 and after 11 hours I was happy to here those words.This year we had 175 volunteers who came from NC. SC. MI. MS. IL. LA. GA. AR. and TN.These crews replace 12 roofs and rebuilt 1 porch.In closing I would like to thank all the volunteers and Kevin and Le Ann Hale and Park Ave Baptist Church our host church.And most of all I would like to say Thank You to God for letting me be a part of this week.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 4

Day 4 started at 5:30.I had stayed at home Wednesday night so I got up early to get to breakfast on time.And after my 7:00 meeting I was on the road again.This year we used Walker Lumber and Metro Roofing for our materials.But once again rain in the forecast so our crews stayed tough.So I was busy keeping the crews with the material they needed.Each day at noon I was to meet with Kevin and Le Ann and have lunch and give a round down of how things were going.So after lunch here came the rain and I was thinking things mite be slow BUT I WAS WRONG!I got a call about 1:30 from Le Ann asking me to head to one of the sites because the crew was DONE and there was roofing to be return.I could not believe that any of our crews could be done that soon with all the rain we were having.About the time I got to Metro roofing I got a call tell me that a 2Th crew was done and they had roofing to return.That was incredible.So i was running hard to 5:00 and put on 123 miles.But we got a lot of work done even with the rain.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 3

Well today started at 6:30 again.After I get up I head to breakfast and have me some pig. (Bacon)Breakfast this year has been good.And after that i meet with Kevin and Lee Ann Hale the project coordinators to see what need to be done for the day.So I head out for my 1ST run of the day.But then the rain came again.So ever thing starting slowing down again.Then it stop about 10:30.By then the crews were able to get the last of the old roofing off.And now most of the sites are ready to start with the new roof.With the rain stopping I was back on the road driving a total of 82 miles today.Wednesday is a 1/2 day so I was done by 1:00.So i will be staying at home tonight and sleeping in my own bed.Nice

Day 2

Day 2 was a wild day.I was able to sleep in on Tuesday.( i got up at 6:30 I know it still early)And as the day started the weather was nice.And the crews were getting a lot done.On all of the roofing jobs the old roofing is rip off and some of the job sites we replacing the decking.But then the rain came and work came to a craw.I was staying busy till the rain came.But then around 11:00 the rain stop and the race was on.From then on I was running all around Nashville.I put on 118 miles on my truck and made 10 stops.I got done at 4:00pm.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 1

This was the first day of World Changers and it was a long one.The day started at 5:30 am.( I know I'm nuts)And the first stop was Krispy Kreme doughnuts and yes the light was ON.(Sorry Trisha ha ha) And on to west Nashville where we are based out of.And today I make 7 runs and drove 143 miles.It was a busy day.I got done after five .And it was hot today.Last week the weather was so nice.But we had a good day and ever one was safe.So I hope tomorrow will go as well as today.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

World changers

Over the pass 4 years I have work with the mission group World Changer.( World changers is a student based mission project that repairs the homes of people who can not afford it.Last year I worked projects in Al. and Mo.And this year for the 1Th time in two years World Changers is coming to my home town of Nashville Tn.(whoo hoo)We will have 13 work sites and 175 students starting today.So for the next week i will be working as a runner.It will be my job to run materials and tools to the job sites.I really love this work and can not wait.It hard and dirty work but it means so much to the people your are helping.I hope to give up dates this week.So stay tune.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Last nights TPT

For the first time in many weeks I cash in last nights Twitter Poker Tour.I been playing ever week but I have had no luck.Even last night I almost when out many times because of suck outs and bad beats.But i held on and came in 4Th and moved it to 7Th in the TPT points.It felt so good to make in the cash!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last night at the Palace

Last night I return to the porker wars at the Nashville Palace.And for only the 3Th time I when back to back for the night!And along with the wins I got the 1000 points for the night .And once again the great coaching I have had over the last year or so really came it to play.In both games I just stayed back and let the short stack take each other out.And then it was heads up and that were I excel in my play.So now I have wins #41 and 42 in the American Rounders poker league.Again I say Thank you Trisha.

Las Vegas

I have return from my trip to Las Vegas and the WSOP.So over the next week I will be telling of my trip.So stay tune!

Friday, June 19, 2009

RIP Allen Hopper

Im sorry to say on Sunday Night one of my best friends Allen Hopper lost is life.Allen and I had work many Monday nights with Room at the Inn.And he was in my Sunday School Class at Grace Baptist Church.Allen han been ill for many years and I know that he is home with his Lord.But it still hard to see him go.Allen we love you and miss but hope to see you again some day!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Congrats go out to one of the best poker player in American Rounder.Last night Trisha Webb got her 34Th win at the Nashville Palace.Trisha as been playing great the last few weeks but she keeps getting suck out on by these donkeys.So it was great to see get a win.But now that put her with in 6 wins of me.And that too close.(ha ha)So again I say congrats to Trisha we are proud of you!

Win 39 and 40.

To show how lazy I been i am finally getting around to tell you about my last 2 wins.Back on May 16Th I was playing at Cargnackers in Hermitage Tn.In the 1Th game i was having a up and down game but I stay in there and then I was heads up with a drunk donkey.(The story of my poker life ha ha)But i play my game and I slow played him and took him out for my 39Th win.Then on May 18Th i was at the Nashville Palace.And in the 1Th game I was having good time.I play one of my best games ever.And when we got to heads up I had a 4 to 1 chip lead on him and when on to get win # 40 with American Rounders.And I hope soon to be able to tell you about win #41.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Forgive me

I know that I have post anything for a long time and for that I have to say forgive me.I not real good at this writing thing.But there is some thing that i forgot to say in my post on the 10Th.In the home game that I talk about in that post I forgot to tell you that Randell Harrod not only did he take me out he WON the game!!!Are you happy now Randell. ha ha

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last week!

Last week was a big week for me.On Wednesday and Thursday I work as a dealer at a casino night.I was working with Best Bet Events. ( On Wednesday we work at Gaylord hotel with 2300 party goers. I when 3 hours with on breaks.But we had a good time.And Then on Thursday we work in Brentwood.This time we had about 125 people and I work 3 1/2 hours.So I had a good pay day.Then on Friday I help my good friend Trisha Webb who was running the Knight Of Columbus Charity Poker Tournament. We had 51 player in this tournament and raised over $1000 to help buy wheel chairs for veterans.It was busy but fun night and Trisha did a great job.And with the money we raised many veterans will get new wheel chairs.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday at the table

As I have told you I been a run of bad luck for weeks.But I hope that mite have change. Saturday was a good day at the table.Saturday I play 2 games with American Rounders.The first game I came in 13Th not much to talk about.But the 2Th game was much better!I was able to win some hands and I came in 3Th.That was my 1Th final table in a few weeks.And then there was the home cash tournament.My friends Matt and Dr.Reney hosted a game at there house this week.And let me tell you they know how to host a game!The Food (and there was a lot of it)was Great and the company even better.And as far as the game go's I had a good time there too.In the early part of the game I built a good stack of chips and held on too cash in 3Th place and double my money.In the late part of the game I when card dead and at times like this I always fall back on teaching of my coach and try to be patient so I real happy too come in 3Th. And I have to say this group of friends are some of the best people around.Once again I must say Thank You to Matt and Dr.Reney for hosting the game,and Mitch for bring the cards chips and tables tops.So it was a good time for all!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Country Music Marathon

I know that I have not posted anything for weeks and for that you will have to forgive me.As far as me not much as been going on.I been on bad run of bad luck in live play and on line.And my lap top was down for a week but it up and running now!But the big news in the last few weeks was the Country Music Marathon.I had 11 friends who walk or run the 1/2 marathon.10 of them were from my church.And the 11Th was my friend Trisha Webb. This was Trisha's 7Th 1/2 marathon.And she finished in a record time of 3:25:24 and that's with out any training and a new turfier course.So congrats to Trisha on the great finish we are proud of you!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Andy Bloch and the TPT

Tonight in the Twitter Poker Tour poker pro Andy Bloch was in the tournament.He was flying back to Veges from Europe.And he had a 5 hour lay over at JKF.When the game started I won a hand ever now and then but for the most part I was card dead.When we got to 27 players Andy was moved to my table.And let tell you it was fun to have Andy at our table.So when I got down to about $1000 in chips I was waiting for a hand to go all in with when I got K 10 off suit.Well I raised Andy re raised and the big blind when all in.Andy and I called.Andy showed pocket 7 the big blind showed pocket A s (wow).The flop came 10,8,5, the turn was a 5 and the river came a 10 giving me a full house 10 over 5 and the main pot.And with that I took Andy Bloch out.( me taking a poker pro out too cool)But after that I when card dead and came in 13Th for the night.But I will allways remember the night I beat a poker pro Andy Bloch!

Monday, April 13, 2009

This weekends home game

Over the past few weeks I have been playing in a home tournament on Saturday nights.We been playing a $15 buy in with a $5 bounty.This weekend we had 15 players.For the most part I was card dead in the early part of the game.And i only had $4500 in chips at brake(we started with $6000).But I stayed patient and when it was all over I had won the tournament and the $105 1st place prize money.And I took out 6 players ( over 1/3 of the player wow) and made $30 in bounty's.That not bad $135 from a $20buy in. That go's to show you what my coach all ways says, that patience is the key to this game.And once again it pay off big time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tonight in the TPT

Tonight was the last game of season 2 of the Twitter Poker Tour.I was the points leader going in to the night.I was 38 points a head of 4 place.For most of the game I did not have any cards or chips.But I was patient and I did make the finale table but i when out in 9Th when I got pocket Q's and he had pocket As(oh well)And with that I most likely lost the points lead.The only player who could over take me came in 7th.But I did have 2 wins and $150 in winning so it was a good season.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday night at the Palace

On Monday nights I play at the Nashville Palace.This Monday was the first time I played in 3 weeks.And once again my bad luck came with me.It so bad that when i raised with K Q suited to $250 and 7 2 off suite called and hit 2 pair on the flop.But the good news was my friend Trisha Webb won the 2Th game.Trisha is one of the best player around and you do not wont to go heads up with her.On Saturday Trisha and I went head ups for the first time.I had a 3 to 1 chip lead on her.And she wipe the floor with me.So never go heads up with Trisha Webb you will be sorry!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Last nights TPT

In the short history of the Twitter Poker Tour there as been only one two time event winner. That is until now.Because I won last night game and the $75 first place prize.(wow that $15o in the last 4 weeks)When we got too the finale table I was 5Th in chips and I played my game and soon we were 4 handed and in the cash and I was 2Th in chips.And from there it was on.When we went heads up he had a 5000 chip lead on me.And slowly chip away his lead till he was 1000 ahead of me.And then I got K 10 suited in the small blind I raised and he called.The flop came K 8 K (WOW) I bet 2000 ( the size of the big blind) and he called.The turn came Q again I bet 2000 and he came over the top and when all in so I called.(What was I going to do)He showed Q J the river was a 6 I had trip King and the had a pair of Queens and I had a 40 to 1 chip lead.And 3 hands later it was over.And now I am leading the points going to the last week.I just hope I can keep it up.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last night of the of Room at the inn

As some of you know I work with a group called Room at the inn.Each Monday night we have 12 homeless guess for the night.Well Monday was the last night for the season.And one again I stayed the men.This was the 5Th night I stayed.And boy did we have a great meal.We had a cook out of hamburger and hot dog.And homeless love it.(And me too) So I spent the rest of the week trying to recover.But tonight it time for the Twitter Poker Tour.So wish me luck.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not my Week

This has not been my week at the table.I have had bad weeks but nothing like this week.It started on Monday night.I only played the 1st game.And I was noting getting any cards and then I got pocket 10s and raised I got 2 caller and run into pocket Ks and As.And the As held up.Then Thursday night in the Twitter Poker Tour I was in a hand and I got pocket Ks and raised and got re raised and I called and she paired her weak A.and i was dead.then last night in the 1st game I was card dead and only had 2000 in chips when I got pocket As and I had 2 caller.And on the turn came a Ace so I had trip As but it gave on of the player a staight.Then in the 2st game I had pocket Qs and riased and had 2 callers and the flop came A J 8 and 1 of the caller hit 2 pair and i was dead again.As i said it was one of those weeks.What do you do.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Room at the inn

It Monday so it time for Room In The Inn.After tonight we will have only one more night and we will be done till November.And after that I will be off to The Nashville Palace for the 2Th game with American Rounders.I have not been playing much live this week.But Saturday night I played in a cash game.Mitch who hold the games I play on Tuesday night host a game.And let me tell you he is a great host and cook.He grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and man there were good.I had no luck in the tournament.I only came in 12th.But in the cash ring game I only played hour but I was up 650.(that $6.50 hey it only .25/50. game gime me a break)But it was a great nignt.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


IAM now on! Watch out word.

Friday, March 20, 2009

This Week

I know that I have not posted anything lately and I have to say I sorry for that.Not much as been going on.I have not been playing live any this week.(I know unreal) I play in last night TPT but my pair As got beat when a player rivers two pair.Monday night I stay with the homeless at Room At The Inn.But the big news of the week my friend Trisha Webb got her 30th and 31th tournament wins with American Rounders.Way too go Trisha.Tonight i will play tonight.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Last nights TPT

Well I had a so so night in the #tpt.I came in 9Th.And it paid 5 players.(so close)We had about 33 player.And for the first time we had 2 time winner.@SteveBrogan won the game.The good part of the night I played a good game.I was chip leader at brake.But on the first hand of the finale table my pocket 8s run into pocket As. Oh well Iam still in 3Th place in the points and there next week.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It Thursday so it time for the Twitter Porker Tour.The TPT is a $5.oo +.50 buy in and tonight we will be at Porker Stars.And tonight game there will be a extra $15.oo added to the pot.So we will hope to see you there.

Monday, March 9, 2009

American Rounders Showdown

This past Saturday was the first American Rounders Showdown of the year.In Am.Rounders we play for points.And the top twenty in points at each venue get to play in the showdown.This Saturday 343 player,our most ever came to the Nashville Palace for the showdown.For me I had a so so game.I started the game with 9000 in chips and for the most I never had any cards or chips.My best starting hand was pocket 9s and twice i sucked out a Ace high flush.Oh the second flush I got up to 18000 chips.but by then blinds were 4000/8000.So I lasted as long as i could.I finished 58Th out of 343 not bad i guest.The best part of the night was my good friend had the tournament director let everybody know that Sunday was my birthday and i was given a customize Nashville Predators hockey jersey.(Way too cool.The # was 59 the year i was born and the name on the back is suited.5 9 suited.I told you way to cool.)All in all it was a good night.But i hope to do better next time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


It time for the Twitter Poker Tour.Tonight we will be at Full Till Poker.netGo to to find out more.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a night

Last night was the first night for points.Each win with Am.Rounder is worth 500 points.So the best you can hope for is 1000 points.So last night it was back to Good Times to start the defence of my points title.Not much was going on the 1th game. I would win a hand now and then .But the turning point was when I got pocket Js.I raise and got 3 caller.The flop came K A 5 ever one check and I bet 2 players called.The turn came J and they check and again I bet once again they called.The turn came 10.And they check I bet and they all folded.And after that there was on stopping me.And I got win #37 and the 500 points.And in the 2th game it was about the same.But then I got pocket Js again.I was the last to act.The first player raised to 600 and I re raise to 1200 and he called.The flop came 10 J 8.I flop trip J he check and I check.The turn came 10 now i have a full house.He check again and so did I. The river was a 5 he once again he check and this time I bet 400.And after thinking about he when all in so I called. He show pocket 5s he hit his full house on the river.But I had the bigger one and double up.And before I knew it I won the 2th game.My 38th win and the 1000 points.What a night I hope i can keep it up till this weekend!

We are the champions

As you know I play poker with the American Rounder poker league.In as most 3 years of play only 1 time have I been a venue champion.This time I play at 4 venue and after all the weeks I won 3 venue championship.Iam the house champion at Good Time in Hermitage on Tuesday,Legends in Hermitage on Friday and again Good Times on Saturday.And now it on the the Rounders Showdown try and win the WSOP buy in.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My interview with Mitchell Cogert

This weekend I gave a short interview to poker author Mitchell Cogert.To read this interview go to

Friday, February 27, 2009

You got to see this

You got to see this .It the story of my online life.

What a week

What a week on the tables.As you may know I play with the American Rounders poker league.Am. Rounders use a points system were player get points for there play.And after 8 to 12 weeks the top 20 from each venue will go to the showdown and play for a WSOP $500 buy in.And we have about 250 to 300 player.And only for the 2Th time Iam the points champion at one of the venue.I won the points at Good Times.(YES)And now I will have a extra $5000 in chips at the showdown.But the really big news is last nights Twitter Poker Tour.I have made the final table about 5 times and cash in 2 times ( a 2th and 3th). Last night we had 41 player.We start with $1500 in chips and for most of the night I had about 850 to 1500 in chips.But I just played my game and when we got to 16 player I had $2600 and I when up and down.And then we went to the final table and I had $5700 and was 5th in chips.But then I had pocket 8s and i raise to $3000 and the big blind when all in so I folded.( he showed pocket As)But I keep my head in the game.And then it was down to 3 players and I was 2th in chips and I got into a hand with the chip leader I has pocket 7s he had A K i flop trip 7 and got a full house on the turn.And from there I when on to WIN tournament and $80. Wow I have 36 win in Am. Rounders but this is my biggest win ever.Ps. Thanks coach I owe you a drink!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yes it time for event # 9 on the Twitter Poker Tour.Tonight game will be at as allways the buy in is $5.oo +.50 and open to anyone on Twitter.Hope to see you there.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Room at the Inn

In Monday and for me that means it time for Room at the Inn.Room at the Inn is a program that help the homeless get off the street.From Nov. to church Grace Baptist Church will host 12 men or woman each Monday night.We will give them a place to sleep for the night,we will feed them 2 meals let them clean up and give a lunch for the next day.This is my 5th year with the program.It a lot of work but is mean es so much to our guest.Go to to learn more.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yesterday at the tables.

Yesterday was a so so day the tables.I played in 4 tournaments.In the first 2 game I did not do all that good.I had too many bad beats.(story of my life)Later that night I when to Good Times to play the 2 game there.Good Time is a good place to eat if you are ever in Nashville. It was a much better night.I came in 5Th and 3Th.And I believe that I an now the points leader there.If so I a now the points leader at 3 venues.But the big news from last night was my friend and coach Trisha Webb got her 29th win in American Rounder.Trisha is a great poker player and coach.(She has help turn my game a round)You can go to to learn more.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good night at the table

Well it was a good night at the porker table.In the 1st game I came in 15Th.I never had any cards.But the 2Th was much better.Not only did i get good cards but they held up.I got pocket Q's and J's 3 time each and they won.So when we got to 8 player I had about $30,000 in chips.But I when card dead. At times like this I go back to what my poker coach told me.( Coach all ways said Play you game.I have a great coach)And I did and when we got 3 handed and I $10,000 chips.And I just sit out and let the 2 big chips stacks take one of of the other out.So when we when head up he had me 3 to 1 in chips.And before I knew it we were even in chips.In the last hand I had A 6 in the big blind he called and i check.The flop was A 3 3.I flop 2 pair and check and he when all in and I called.He had 5 4 and on the turn and river he got nothing.And I WON.That's my 36Th win with American Rounders.(And my 2Th this week) It was a good week and I hope i can do as well tomorrow.

Poker Time in TN.

It Poker Time in TN.On Friday American Rounders host a 2 game at Legends Bar and Grill in Hermitage Tn.We will have between 25 to 40 players each week.It is a good game.If you live in Nashville you should come and join us.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tonight in TPT

Tonight in the TPT.I came in 17th.We had 44 player in tonight game.And for most of the game I was card dead.But I played my game and stay in as long as i could.I wish I could of cash.But there is next week.


Whoo hoo it Thursday it time for the Twitter Poker Tour.The TPT is a weekly home game open to any one on Twitter.The TPT as a $5.00+.50 buy in.We have 25 to 40 player each week.To find out more go to Come and join the fun hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hello and welcome to my world.My name is Trey Still.I am49 years old and live in Hermitage Tn.Up to 2005 use to drive a truck for a living.But on May 17 2005 I had a stroke.And now i spend my time doing Mission work and playing porker.Each summer I do mission with World Changer.They repair people home for free.Also I work with the homeless in the winner.The other major part of my life is porker.In 2006 I starting playing Texas Hold em in the American Rounders porker league.To date I have 35 wins and 3 with wins in a other league.I stared to playing porker as way get to out of the house and help with the rehab with my right hand.And because of my love of poker I have made some great friends who have made my life so wonderful.(and you know who you are)I all so enjoy Nascar.I love to go to the beach and last year I got to go to the WSOP in Las Veges and had the time of my life.Thank You for taking the time to read this.God Bless you all.Trey