Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last week!

Last week was a big week for me.On Wednesday and Thursday I work as a dealer at a casino night.I was working with Best Bet Events. (http://bestbetevents.com) On Wednesday we work at Gaylord hotel with 2300 party goers. I when 3 hours with on breaks.But we had a good time.And Then on Thursday we work in Brentwood.This time we had about 125 people and I work 3 1/2 hours.So I had a good pay day.Then on Friday I help my good friend Trisha Webb who was running the Knight Of Columbus Charity Poker Tournament. We had 51 player in this tournament and raised over $1000 to help buy wheel chairs for veterans.It was busy but fun night and Trisha did a great job.And with the money we raised many veterans will get new wheel chairs.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday at the table

As I have told you I been a run of bad luck for weeks.But I hope that mite have change. Saturday was a good day at the table.Saturday I play 2 games with American Rounders.The first game I came in 13Th not much to talk about.But the 2Th game was much better!I was able to win some hands and I came in 3Th.That was my 1Th final table in a few weeks.And then there was the home cash tournament.My friends Matt and Dr.Reney hosted a game at there house this week.And let me tell you they know how to host a game!The Food (and there was a lot of it)was Great and the company even better.And as far as the game go's I had a good time there too.In the early part of the game I built a good stack of chips and held on too cash in 3Th place and double my money.In the late part of the game I when card dead and at times like this I always fall back on teaching of my coach and try to be patient so I real happy too come in 3Th. And I have to say this group of friends are some of the best people around.Once again I must say Thank You to Matt and Dr.Reney for hosting the game,and Mitch for bring the cards chips and tables tops.So it was a good time for all!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Country Music Marathon

I know that I have not posted anything for weeks and for that you will have to forgive me.As far as me not much as been going on.I been on bad run of bad luck in live play and on line.And my lap top was down for a week but it up and running now!But the big news in the last few weeks was the Country Music Marathon.I had 11 friends who walk or run the 1/2 marathon.10 of them were from my church.And the 11Th was my friend Trisha Webb. This was Trisha's 7Th 1/2 marathon.And she finished in a record time of 3:25:24 and that's with out any training and a new turfier course.So congrats to Trisha on the great finish we are proud of you!