Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not my Week

This has not been my week at the table.I have had bad weeks but nothing like this week.It started on Monday night.I only played the 1st game.And I was noting getting any cards and then I got pocket 10s and raised I got 2 caller and run into pocket Ks and As.And the As held up.Then Thursday night in the Twitter Poker Tour I was in a hand and I got pocket Ks and raised and got re raised and I called and she paired her weak A.and i was dead.then last night in the 1st game I was card dead and only had 2000 in chips when I got pocket As and I had 2 caller.And on the turn came a Ace so I had trip As but it gave on of the player a staight.Then in the 2st game I had pocket Qs and riased and had 2 callers and the flop came A J 8 and 1 of the caller hit 2 pair and i was dead again.As i said it was one of those weeks.What do you do.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Room at the inn

It Monday so it time for Room In The Inn.After tonight we will have only one more night and we will be done till November.And after that I will be off to The Nashville Palace for the 2Th game with American Rounders.I have not been playing much live this week.But Saturday night I played in a cash game.Mitch who hold the games I play on Tuesday night host a game.And let me tell you he is a great host and cook.He grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and man there were good.I had no luck in the tournament.I only came in 12th.But in the cash ring game I only played hour but I was up 650.(that $6.50 hey it only .25/50. game gime me a break)But it was a great nignt.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


IAM now on! Watch out word.

Friday, March 20, 2009

This Week

I know that I have not posted anything lately and I have to say I sorry for that.Not much as been going on.I have not been playing live any this week.(I know unreal) I play in last night TPT but my pair As got beat when a player rivers two pair.Monday night I stay with the homeless at Room At The Inn.But the big news of the week my friend Trisha Webb got her 30th and 31th tournament wins with American Rounders.Way too go Trisha.Tonight i will play tonight.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Last nights TPT

Well I had a so so night in the #tpt.I came in 9Th.And it paid 5 players.(so close)We had about 33 player.And for the first time we had 2 time winner.@SteveBrogan won the game.The good part of the night I played a good game.I was chip leader at brake.But on the first hand of the finale table my pocket 8s run into pocket As. Oh well Iam still in 3Th place in the points and there next week.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It Thursday so it time for the Twitter Porker Tour.The TPT is a $5.oo +.50 buy in and tonight we will be at Porker Stars.And tonight game there will be a extra $15.oo added to the pot.So we will hope to see you there.

Monday, March 9, 2009

American Rounders Showdown

This past Saturday was the first American Rounders Showdown of the year.In Am.Rounders we play for points.And the top twenty in points at each venue get to play in the showdown.This Saturday 343 player,our most ever came to the Nashville Palace for the showdown.For me I had a so so game.I started the game with 9000 in chips and for the most I never had any cards or chips.My best starting hand was pocket 9s and twice i sucked out a Ace high flush.Oh the second flush I got up to 18000 chips.but by then blinds were 4000/8000.So I lasted as long as i could.I finished 58Th out of 343 not bad i guest.The best part of the night was my good friend had the tournament director let everybody know that Sunday was my birthday and i was given a customize Nashville Predators hockey jersey.(Way too cool.The # was 59 the year i was born and the name on the back is suited.5 9 suited.I told you way to cool.)All in all it was a good night.But i hope to do better next time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


It time for the Twitter Poker Tour.Tonight we will be at Full Till Poker.netGo to to find out more.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What a night

Last night was the first night for points.Each win with Am.Rounder is worth 500 points.So the best you can hope for is 1000 points.So last night it was back to Good Times to start the defence of my points title.Not much was going on the 1th game. I would win a hand now and then .But the turning point was when I got pocket Js.I raise and got 3 caller.The flop came K A 5 ever one check and I bet 2 players called.The turn came J and they check and again I bet once again they called.The turn came 10.And they check I bet and they all folded.And after that there was on stopping me.And I got win #37 and the 500 points.And in the 2th game it was about the same.But then I got pocket Js again.I was the last to act.The first player raised to 600 and I re raise to 1200 and he called.The flop came 10 J 8.I flop trip J he check and I check.The turn came 10 now i have a full house.He check again and so did I. The river was a 5 he once again he check and this time I bet 400.And after thinking about he when all in so I called. He show pocket 5s he hit his full house on the river.But I had the bigger one and double up.And before I knew it I won the 2th game.My 38th win and the 1000 points.What a night I hope i can keep it up till this weekend!

We are the champions

As you know I play poker with the American Rounder poker league.In as most 3 years of play only 1 time have I been a venue champion.This time I play at 4 venue and after all the weeks I won 3 venue championship.Iam the house champion at Good Time in Hermitage on Tuesday,Legends in Hermitage on Friday and again Good Times on Saturday.And now it on the the Rounders Showdown try and win the WSOP buy in.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My interview with Mitchell Cogert

This weekend I gave a short interview to poker author Mitchell Cogert.To read this interview go to