Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17Th.

Once again it May 17Th. For most of us it just another day. But for me this the day. You see on this day in 2005 I had a stroke. And everything I had work for the last 46 years was gone. After many weeks of rehab and hard work. I was able to learn how to talk and walk again. For that I give thanks to God. Now these day I live with issues and pain. That some one who never had stroke will ever understand. And I will live these for ever.
With all the heart break I have had. They has been some blessing along the way. I was able to do some wonderful mission work with my church. I started playing poker was part of my rehab. Now I have over 50 wins in the league's around Nashville. Believe it or not. I was the champion of season 2 of the Twitter Poker Tour. Which was a on line poker tour. I met a lot of great people from the poker game. We have had some really good times. Then there Las Vegas. Oh Vegas what can I say. That trip I have made 4 times. To think all those years I when to Fla. Not knowing what was waiting for me in Las Vegas.
Last but not least. There my best friend and her doggies. It hard for me to believe that it took me 47 year to meet this lady. With her help I have reach so many goals. I have now finish 4 half marathon. With out her help that never would happen. It so good to have some one that believes in you so much.
So as I look back. Sometimes I just wait to cry. But I will try to smile.