Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Continuous Journey Home

As I continue to try make my way back to the life I once had. On June 12Th I took my latest step. I was able to take part in the C.M.A St Jude 5k road race. This was my 1st 5k road race. Unlike the 5k I did in April, the course for this race was through the streets of downtown Nashville. And it was a much tougher course then I was used to. At 8:00 the gun when off so we head down 3Th ave. Then we turn on James Robertson Parkway and took that thought the Bicentennial Mall. And as we turn on 6Th ave I hit the 1 mile mark. As I moved on down on 6Th ave and turn on Harrison St I had the biggest surprise. My dear friend Trisha Pena was waiting there to cheer me on. I have tell you my eyes were filling with tears as I saw that pretty red head cheering me on. After I left Harrison I when down 5Th Ave and turn on Jackson Ct. From there we when up 4Th ave where Trisha was waiting to cheer me on to the 2mile mark. I was able to hit the 2 mile mark with a time of 33:15. Then we when up Gay St for about 1/2 mile and turn around and when back down to Gay and 3rd. There we made the turn for home. When I crossed the finish line Trisha was waiting for me with a hug and bottle water. And I needed both. Because it was almost 9oF that day. And I'm so proud to say I turn in a time of 50:33. That betters my time from April by all most 4 1/2 min. At this time I would like to say "Thank You" to Trisha not only for the photos and coming out but for all your help. And to you for taking the time to read this post.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 5

Day 5 started at 5:45. But my meeting was cut short. You see Friday is always the longest and busiest day of a World Changers project. As the day begin it was my job to see to the last minutes needs of the crews. On Fridays I will spend the early part of the my day running from one site to the other. As the crews run out of material we try to use the left over material from the finished sites. By noon I had already drove 120 miles. That was more then I did on Tuesday and Wednesday combine. I told you I would be busy. But then lunch time came around i was only able to stop for 15 minuets. Because word came some of the crews were starting to finish up. Now my job became to run the unused supplies back to Metro Roofing. This year was a lot of stuff that need it to be return. And I was busy. But after 10 hour of nonstop running came the words I was dying to hear. We were done. I was so happy. I drove over 210 miles on Friday. This year Nashville was bless with over 280 volunteers from Tn, TX, Sc.Ne,Ar,IL,Ms, and Ga. These crews replace 10 roofs and did dry wall work for 4 homes that was flooded. But because these crews so fast they were able to rebuild 1 wheel chair ramp and do flood clean up for 10 other home owners. This was unplanned work that was need it so bad. This year we spent $ 40,000 on supplies.And we provided over $ 130,000 of free labor to Nashville. As i close this post i must say Thank You to all the volunteers who paid $280 to work in Nashville. And to Kevin and Le Ann Hale who work so hard to see that all the job sites done on time, To our host church Park Ave.Baptist Church. To my Friends who prayed and gave me support during this long week. And I would like to say Thank You to GOD for letting me be a part this week.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 4

Day 4 started at 6:30 with my daily meeting with Kevin and Le Ann. After that I hit the road hard. One of our crews need it supply to finish there job. A day early at that. So I when to Metro Roofing to get what they lack to finish that job. Thursday's are one of ours busiest day. As the crews start wine down. We runners will take extras supply form one job site and take it to a other site. And that what I did till lunch. I was so happy to have lunch today and be able to sit in a cool room. But after lunch I was back on the road. As it got hotter I got busyer. I when form job site to job site. Leaving what the crews need it to finish and taking what they didn't. And now 2 of our crews are done with one day too go. With any luck the other will be done early tomorrow. I sure hope so because today I got done at 4:00. And I drove 120 miles today. It was one long, hot and busy day. But I sure enjoy doing it. If i don't post anything till this weekend please forgive me. I will not be home till late. And I have to get up early Saturday morning. So I may not have time post anything till then. Thanks

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 started at 5:45 am. Yes I know it early! After getting up I headed to west Nashville. For my 6:30 meeting. But sad to say the rain came on the way over. So our crews were late to get started. With that my day was real slow till when the rain stop. And with that i was off to the races. Le Ann had me running all over town. Till lunch. And the crews really got to work after the rain. Many of the roof jobs the kids have the old roofing rip off. And had the new decking down. And are starting to put down the new roofing. I was able to get all my stop off around 12:00 and headed to lunch. After lunch I had a run 2 stops. So that keep be busy till 2:15 and then the rain came back. Work came to a stop again. With the rain so heavy everbody had to pull off the sites around 3:00. So my day ended early. I drove 91 miles to day. And a lot of work got done today. It was a good day all in all.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 started at 5:30 am. Yes 5:30 I know it early. After getting up I headed back to west Nashville to have my 6:30 am meeting with Kevin and Le Ann Hale. At 7:00 all the work crews left the church to go there job site. And for me after my meeting i hit the road myself. And i spent the 1st part of the day running pant and supplies to one job site near downtown. Then when noon came around I when on lunch. And I got to spent time watching Trisha Pena get her tattoo finished today. She was only 6 blocks away from my job site. I have to tell you, Adam "The Kid" her tattoo artist is amazing. After lunch I was back on the road. Today was sort of slow. But i still drove about 100 miles today. And 3:30 I headed back home for the day. For what I hope is a goodnight rest.

Day 1

Day 1 of World Changers this year was a day of meeting. I had to report to Park Ave Baptist Church at 4:00 pm. For a series of meeting. The first meeting I had was with Kevin and Le Ann Hale. Kevin and Le Ann are the project coordinators.They are are my bosses for this week. The crew chef's and the runners met with them to discus about the work that had to be done this week. And 2Th meeting once again the runners and Kevin and Le Ann met to discus the work load we will have this week. This year Nashville is to bless to have volunteer from Tn. Ar. Ms. IL.Ga. Sc. TX. and Ne. And with that I headed home to to get some sleep. Because tomorrow will come early.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

World Changers 2010

As week starts this is the week that I look so forward too. For next I will be working with the mission group World Changers ( World changer is a student base mission project that repair the homes of people who can not afford the repairs them self. I have been bless to work with them for the last 6 years. Both here in Nashville and Al. and Mo. This years Nashville project will have over 250 students working on 10 roofing job sites and 4 homes that were flooded. This week I will be working as runner. It will be my job to run tools and materials to the jobs sites as needed.It hard and dirty work. But it means so much to the family that we sever. Please be praying for all of us this week. I will be giving you up dates as the week goes on. So please check back.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Win #49

As far as the poker wars go. Not much as been going on. That is till May 12 when I put together a come from behind win. I was playing at Legends in Hermitage that night. As I reach the finale table I was 6Th in chips. But the one thing I have learn form my coach is when at the finale table just be patient and play you game. So I carefully pick the hands that I played. And before I knew it I was heads ups with the chip lead. And heads up is were I shine. With that I have my 49Th win with American Rounders.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Round 3

After I finish my walk in the Purity Moosic 5k Dairy Dash. I knew it was time to start my 3Th round of detox. As many of you know I have be able to lose 45 pounds with the help from dear friend Trisha Pena. And as I came into this round I was hoping to lose 20 more pounds. Unfortunately I pick a bad time in my life to try to lose weight. You see I lost my income for over 2 month's and other troubles I was having at the time add to much stress to my life. And with all this I was only able to lose 11 pounds this round. But the good think is I lost a lot of inches this time.My total inches lose for this round is 10 inches. Which is great because people are really taking notice of the hard work I have done. And that make me so happy. So with that I'm now training for my next 5k that I hope to do in the next few weeks. As I close this post I will do as I have done in the past. I would like to say " Thank You" to Trisha Pena. Trisha you have help change my life is so many ways. And for that I'm so bless. And Thank You to God for all that you have done for me the last 5 years.