Sunday, May 16, 2010

Losses and Blessing

As I'm writing this post my eyes are filling with tears. And yes they are tears of joy and sadness. You see it was on this day May 17Th 2005 that I had my stoke. And on this day my life would change forever. As I look back over the last 5 years there have been many losses. But there have been many blessing too. I will not bore you with the losses. Because I lost everything. And I mean everything!!! But I will try to look to the blessing. Over the last 5 years God has given me many blessing. Each summer I get to work with World Changer. Repairing the homes of the elderly. And really love this mission work. In the winner on Mondays nights I work with Room in the Inn. Were we give 12 homeless men a warm place to sleep for the night and 3 meals. I was able to keep my parent's in there home for a few years. I found poker as a way to help in my recovery. Much to my surprise I'm pretty good at it. ( I know guys.I was pretty bad at first). And I have met many great people from my time at the table. I was able to travel to Las Vages 3 times. And see my best friend play in the W.S.O.P. I will never forget walking out of the Rio at 2:00am with a smile on my face.

But the great-es blessing I have receive is something that I have never had before in my life. At the age of 46 I found the unconditional love of a true friend. Someone who is there for you at anytime of the day or night. A true friend that there no matter what you say or do. Some one who holds you hand.When you can't even stand on you on two feet. Why God put you in my life I will never know. But I thank him ever day. And I love you my friend. Now as the tears are making impossible to see I will close this post out. As I do I must say Thank You to GOD for letting me stay on this earth for the last 5 years, And Thank You for all the blessing you have given me.