Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long live the king.

In the poker world there are a few player that can be called a king. The W.S.O.P has Phil Hellmuth. And the American Rounders in Nashville Tn has Von Moye. Von puled off the rare feat of becoming a back to back to back to back venue champion at Legends Bar and Grill. And what makes this so amazing is Von miss a few weeks of play. But because of his strong play he was still able to win his 4Th straight championship . So with that I must say congrats to King Von. Long live the king.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The next step in my journey

As I look at my life over the pass 5 years. It been a journey with many little steps along the way. As many of you know I had a stroke on May 17Th of 2005. And on that day my journey begin. The first step for me was to learn how to walk and talk again. Because after my stroke I was not able to do ether. But after many weeks of physical therapy and Gods blessing. I was able to complete that first step. And there have been many more scents then. And on April 10Th I took what I feel is my biggest step. As you know I have lost 45 pounds and I'm trying to live a healthy life style. So in March I started walking as a part of that life style. Much to my surprise really enjoyed it and I was good at it. And soon i was doing 3 miles in 75 minutes. Any it didn't long for to get down to 66 minutes to do 3miles. So with that I decided to try a 5k. I found out about the Purity Moosic City 5k Dairy Dash. It was being held a Metro Center. It was a great course to do a 5k, it was flat and fast. So on that Saturday Trisha and I met at the starting line. As we started I found a good pace and stayed with it. And soon I was crossing the finish line. I can not tell you how proud i felt when Trisha came up hugged me. Six months ago there was no way i could have done this. I was hoping that could complete the 5k in 66 minutes. But on this day I was able to do in in 55:18. As great as that was I still got work do. Trisha was able to do it in 44:32.. Again I have to say Thank You to Trisha for all you help. But for now I will be taking a break form walking as I will start my 3Th round of weight lost.

The drought is over!!!

Thank goodness the drought is over!! For the pass three months I have been on a win less streak at the poker table. My last win can on January 6Th. And it not that i have been playing bad because I came close many times. But I was not able to seal the deal. But all that change on April 5Th at Dave and Buster at Opry Mills. It was during the 1st game there that I found my self heads up at the final table. And as we when heads up I was only down 5 to 1 in chips. But with all the great coaching I have had over the years came though. And with that I was able to pull win number 48 with the American Rounders out of the bag. Now I hope that win 49 will not take so long.