Monday, January 25, 2010


As we move into November that means it time for Room At The Inn. Room at the Inn is a homeless program that help the homeless get off the street.From Nov. to the end Mar. my church Grace baptist church will host 12 men or woman each Monday.We will give a warm place to sleep for the night.We feed them a hot dinner and breakfast.They can shower up for the night.And when they leave they will have lunch for the next day.This is my 6Th year with the program.Go to to learn more.And now back to the fun stuff (poker).On Nov 9Th Trisha Pena won a tournament at Dave and Busters in Opry Mills.( I think that was win #38) And for me on Nov. 7Th I won my 1Th tournament with the Last Call Poker League.So all in all November was a good month for all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


October was a big month for me.Because I made changes that would have long term effects on my life.But before I get in the heavy stuff I will talk about poker.On October 14Th I won my 46Th Am.Rounders tournament.And that gives me 49 tournament over all.And now to the big stuff.Back in 1992 I when to work as a over the road truck driver.And as the years when pass I gain about 50 pounds to come in at 294#.And after my stroke in 05 I have tyred many times to loose the pounds.I even when to the YMCA for year with nothing.And after seeing my Dr. in September I knew I had to do something.So once again I turn to my beloved friend and poker coach Trisha Pena.For those who do not know about Trisha I call her my poker coach but she much more than that.Over the last few years I have had a lot of heart break but Trisha is the glue that has held me together over this time.Trisha back in o7 started a life style change.And with this protocol and hard work Trisha lost over 65 pounds.So with that on October 9Th I started the same protocol.Trisha had set a goal for me of 24 pounds,which would bring me down to 270#. And after 47 days of hard work and lots of support from Trisha I reach my goal of 270#.I will tell you it was not easy but it was worth it. And when I saw the Dr. in December he was so happy with me.And has I close this post I must say Thank You to Trisha.Trisha I give thanks to God everday that he put you in my life.I hope you know how much I Love You.Trey

Way to long

Wow it been 5 months sends I have written any thing on my blog.And I know that way too long.But you have to understand that writing is something that I have trouble with.But I going to try to do better.And so much as happen over the last 5 months so over the next few days I going to recap what as happen month by month.And with that we will start with September.On September 12Th I won my 45Th tournament with the American Rounders. And I was so happy to get the win after a month of so many close calls.And with that we will move to October in the next post.And again Thank you for taking the the time to read this.