Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ten years ago today.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of my stroke. On  May 17, 2005 I was in Orlando Florida. I have just unload a truck  of storm doors and  windows. When I got finished, I had a message from my from my dispatcher. To hold up on my return trip back to Nashville. So I took a nap in my truck. And when I got up I had no use of my right side. So that begin the journey that I have been on the last 10 years. I agree we all have had a hard time in our life. There's not many of us who have lost it all. And unfortunately I have. At the age of 46 years found myself having to start life all over again. With nothing but the clothes  had I and in $1000 in cash.  This after spending my life savings on my ex-wife. You see she was in a bad car wreck a few years earlier. And was left disable. So we spent everything we had saved up to that time for her medical care. Thinking at the time that once we went to court we would be able to recoup all of our losses. But for reasons I won't go into here the court decided to dismiss our lawsuit and left me holding the bag. A six figure bag. So we live paycheck to paycheck for the next few years. That is until my stroke.                                                                                                                                                                                   After three days in the hospital I was sent home to begin physical therapy. I was very blessed by God. Because after a few painful weeks of working with a physical therapist. I had made enough of a  recovery that  I was able to continue my physical therapy on my own at home.                                                                                                                                                                     But unfortunately but that time I had already lost my home. And was living in a one bedroom apartment.  My recovery has been slow to say the least. Yes I've made a lot of progress in certain areas of my life. I now actually own my own home. That's something I've thought that I would never have again.  I got to go play in the World Series of poker Seniors  championship back in 2013.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Then there's a thing that I don't talk about. Today I still suffer from the effects of my stroke. I have a lot of short term memory loss. That makes it very difficult for me and my working life. Then there's the pain on my right side. Simple things like holding a glass or or a fork are still difficult for me to do. My hand writing is horrible and difficult to read.  Unfortunately it's it seems as I get older. The pain becomes more intense.                                                                                                                                             So that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Every day I try to give thanks to God for all that he's done for me over the last few years.  And for the wonderful family  he is brought into my life starting back in 2006. I have the MOST BEAUTIFUL LADY in the world. Who I can call my best friend. And her parents or as I call them, my step mom and dad. With out the help of Trisha and Mr. and Mrs. Pena I would never be where I am today. So Thank You to my family.    And I look forward to the day that when my journey will finally end and I'll find the all the things that I've lost . Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog. God bless you and yours.